M SQUARE Design Management Ltd. (多媒體設計管理有限公司)於2004年在香港成立
M SQUARE Digital Lighting(光感數位燈光有限公司)於2012年在台灣成立


近年,鑒於劇場技術的迅促發展,數位燈光(Digital Lighting)概念於歐美國家漸趨成熟,燈光與投影已不再是各自主理或互相衝突的兩個部門,透過傳統舞台燈光技術與投影技術的有機結合,舞台視覺藝術應該重新定位,而M SQUARE過去數年亦與業界一起努力,共同以創意發掘光影設計上的可能性,並在器材開發與運用上不斷探索。


未來,M SQUARE會堅守提供高質素服務的承諾,與港、台兩地客戶並肩同行。


M SQUARE'S GOAL is to provide high quality technical and hardware support for stage production and event planning

M SQUARE Design Management Ltd. established in Hong Kong, 2004 M SQUARE Digital Lighting established in Taiwan, 2012


The scope of our business is to provide clients with advanced multimedia image processing, projection and stage lighting equipment. In addition, the M SQUARE professional design and technical team will provide clients with support and solutions. We are dedicated to meet the different needs of each client.
In recent years, in view of the fast development of stage technology, the concept of digital lighting has approached maturity in the United States and Europe, where lighting and projection are no longer two separate departments in conflict with each other. Through the organic integration of traditional stage lighting technology and projection technology, visual art on stage should be repositioned. Over the past few years, M SQUARE has been jointly working with industry to explore the possibility of developing creative lighting design, and constantly exploring the development and application of equipment.
For the past eight years, thanks to the public's support, we've steadily increased our client base including major clients such as a number of government sectors, radio stations, brand companies, event planning and production companies, and both flagship and independent stage performing art groups. We have also provided technical support and equipment to many world-class art groups during their visiting performances in Hong Kong.
As for the future, M SQUARE shall remain committed to providing high quality services and support whilst standing side by side with our clients in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Swans in Springtime, The Lough Cork
Giraffe in the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, CA
Boquete Panama - mating pair of scarlet macaws.
Boquete Panama - mating pair of scarlet macaws.